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1/17/07 03:11 pm - thelma_viaduct - Right now, my eyes are very green!

I am not ashamed to admit to jealousy today. You see, one of my old uni friends has only bagged a job as researcher on The Friday Night Project, the lucky cow! She speaks to Alan weekly! And, to make me feel worse, she said she could probably get me a work experience placement with her, but I can't afford to go to London for a month and not work :(

1/7/07 07:32 pm - new_nightmares - oh my god

Well I've been a bit stupid, Im a bloody maintainer of this community and I dont post *hits head*
Well how is everyone? You lot watching The Friday Night Project?!
Yeah sorry for that random outburts =p

10/13/06 11:38 am - nin_of_eden - Another dream of Alan.

I dreamed last night I'd been sent to prison, but the guard said he trusted me to be responsible, so he'd give me the key to my cell. Which was in fact a nail file.
Anyway, my cell was underground, down several flights of stairs, + I found I was sharing it with a large group of men, one of whom was Alan Carr. Who was dressed in his pyjamas. + he'd found himself a nice BF.
Anyway, one of my Cellmates saw I had a nail file key, + demanded I let him out, which I did. Then everyone else ran off as well, apart from Alan + friend, who decided they couldn't be arsed to move, so I gave him a hug + said goodbye then made a dash for it. There were lots of flights of stairs to run up + doors to unlock, but eventually I got out into the countryside. I then became a mouse so I could sail down a stream in one of them foil trays you get at Chinese takeaways. I was aware someone was chasing me, so when I came ashore I ran through a feild of sweetcorn then hid behind a high stone wall on the other side, + there were lots of blossomming trees there, all with different coloured flowers. I think I was human again by this point.
Where do I get 'em from, hey.

I went to see him live the night before last! It was fantabulous. Not all new material, but... it was still funny. Yes. Well worth £15 (plus £1.50 service charge) I theenk. I won't repeat anything he said though, I don't want to ruin it for anyone else who's going.

10/4/06 10:14 pm - nin_of_eden - Another Alan-related dream of mine...

Last night's dream was a mixture of several TV programes I've been watching lately, as well as some other stuff that come from wherreve my dreams usually do come from.
Well. I was talking to Lovely Little Lu-weeeez of MSN, then Kez came in + started maiowing at me, wanting her dinner. So I went downstairs to get her food, + I found John McKirrick(sp?) sat at my table demanding his tea. so I chucked him a microwave meal + told him to eat that, then went back upstairs to carry on MSNing, but Louise had gone offline. *sigh*.
Then there's a bit that's quite hazy, + various things I don't really remember happened. I ended up near my mother's XBF's old house, where I met Alan Carr, who was gradually turning into a white rat. When the transformation was complete he sat on my shoulder, + I decided to take him somewhere... I forget exactly where... but we ended up sailing through the sky on some large bales of collon wool with lots of other people, one of whom told me it was an art intallation that would look like clouds from below, so we had to keep moving them around + tearing them up to improve the effect. As I wondered around the fake cloudscape avec Alan the Rat, I found several people gathered round a TV, which reminded me I was missing Best of the Worst! Arrgh! o_@ It had just about finished, + David Mitchell's team had won 6-1, + the prize was £600000.
So what that means I shall never know.

9/28/06 01:38 am - pnimio

Free tickets for 8 OUT OF 10 CATS

Tickets have just been released for 8 OUT OF 10 CATS, the hit Channel 4 topical
comedy panel show hosted by JIMMY CARR with team captains SEAN LOCK (Ch4’s TV
Heaven Telly Hell) and DAVE SPIKEY (Ch4’s Phoenix Nights & Trouble TV’s

FREE TICKETS available now at www.tvrecordings.com

Guests confirmed so far for this series include Joan Rivers, Rachel Hunter, Vic
Reeves, Lee Mack, Louis Walsh & Alan Carr.

Read more...Collapse )

9/25/06 09:31 pm - thelma_viaduct - Community stuff

Right, I've made nin_of_eden and new_nightmares Co-mods of this group as I just don't have enough internet time to do as much as I'd like with it, and seeing as they're the most frequent posters here, it seemed the sensible thing to do!

I have no experience of running a community, I only set this up because I couldn't believe an Alan community didn't exist already. Erm, so if anyone else wants to be a mod, or has any ideas for things to go in the user info, or can knock up some promotional thingies, or has any ideas really, comment here :) The more the merrier!

I just want this to be a decent community for Alan!

9/25/06 01:00 pm - nin_of_eden - Roll up, roll up, see the Alan!

Just thought you'd all like to know he's on Best of the Worst this Friday. On David Mitchell's team, I believe.
If I do not post again, it'll be because my head exploded with the double-cuteness.

9/19/06 11:45 am - nin_of_eden - Nin has another idea.

Right, this morning I had a grrreat idea. WHAT IF someone made an Alan Carr magazine?
They could publish a year of his life story every week, + all the latest HOT GOSS (his website dunt get updated much, does it?) + lots of puzzles + short stories + things with a Alanny theme, + in the first issue they could give away a figuine, then every week you get some accessories, like different outfits +, um, a chair. + things.
I'd get it.

9/14/06 02:01 pm - nin_of_eden - 10 things you never knew about Alan.

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Alan Carr!

  1. Alan Carr is only six percent water!
  2. There are more than two hundred different kinds of Alan Carr!
  3. Alan Carr can be seen from space.
  4. Michelangelo finished his great statue of Alan Carr in 1504, after eighteen months work.
  5. Alan Carr is born white; his pink feathers are caused by pigments in his typical diet of shrimp!
  6. It takes a lobster approximately 7 years to grow to be Alan Carr.
  7. Without Alan Carr, we would have to pollinate apple trees by hand!
  8. Duelling is legal in Paraguay as long as both parties are Alan Carr!
  9. In a pinch, the skin from a shark can be used as Alan Carr.
  10. Originally, Alan Carr could not fly.
I am interested in - do tell me about

9/9/06 02:40 pm - nin_of_eden - A clip of Alan chatting.

What a busy day this com is having today! Anyway:
^That's the lovely Alan on Des + Mel, I think it must have been quite a while ago but I don't know the exact date. I tend to show this to all the poor fools I know who've never heard of him, 'cos it covers all his main themes + his basic life story, + is generally a good introduction.
Comments I've had back include 'he's very camp', 'he's gay, isn't he?' 'he is SO GAY!' 'is it him off the Friday Night Project?' + 'Is he American?'
No. No, he is not American.
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