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Alan Carr Fan Community

2/11/09 09:39 pm - thelma_viaduct - Twitter

For anyone who has a twitter account - here's the link to Alan's


His updates are a mix of one liners and info about his TV shows and things.

His latest is this: "Get back to school you little shits and stop throwing snowballs at my hanging baskets"


6/9/08 12:09 pm - new_nightmares - new project

The Sunday Night Project?

Does'nt sound as good as 'Friday Night Project' in my opinion though.

Mind you, at least theres something to watch on Sundays now seeing as theres usually shit all else to watch on Sundays.


8/18/07 04:14 pm - nin_of_eden - Alan gets a new show!

Just thought I'd alert you all to the fact that Alan's down to host a new game show, starting... sometime in October, I believe. Unfortunately, it is called 'Celebrity Ding-dong'. Though the best shows do tend to have the worst tiles, I find.

7/2/07 08:18 pm - new_nightmares - song

If you watched the Friday Night Project last week, (the one with Lily Allen)

you would of heard Justin and Alans song. Was so funny ^_^

If you didnt, heres the link to their myspace page


6/19/07 08:08 pm - new_nightmares

I know this is EXTREMLY late but I have to say this.


For last thursday June 14th.

aaaand to top that off it was my birthday too!

I have the same birthdate as Alan! ^_^ yay =]]

6/8/07 09:58 pm - new_nightmares - Whoa

Hello *waves* =)

Wow, this hasnt been updated in a while =/

Anyway, I've changed the layout, tell me what you think, do say if you lot dont like it.

And I found this picture, hilarious XDDD

4/27/07 05:27 pm - nin_of_eden - Tour dates:

^Well, there they are.
None in my vacinity, though. *snuffle*.

4/4/07 03:31 pm - moltobene1925

I'm looking for an uploaded Friday Night Project when David Tennant co-hosted.

Can anyone here help me out? Thanks!

2/15/07 08:02 pm - new_nightmares



Oh I've converted my mum to like him too and convince her to go to one of his gigs ^_^

2/8/07 06:32 pm - new_nightmares - Pictures

I have some pictures for you to enjoy for the Friday Night Project when Noel Edmonds was presenting. I only have 9 though, I wasnt really paying attention plus my camera was dying on me =p

Be warned, the quality is shit.

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